From the Root to the Fruit: Portraits of Black Fathers and their Children

by Ken McFarlane

Projection of Erik and his son with text on the Barnes

In "From the Root to the Fruit: Portraits of Black Fathers and Their Children" Ken McFarlane presents an ongoing documentary project that celebrates Black fatherhood while deconstructing the false narrative of the absentee Black Father. Originally presented by Traction Company on 41st Street and Haverford in Mantua and curated by Traction artist Sedakial Gebremedhin, this is a second public phase of this ongoing work. McFarlane’s work amplifies images of strength, dignity, pride and success to drown out the cacophony of negative imagery surrounding the Black body.

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Saturday, June 20th, 8pm - 11pmAdd to calendar
Sunday, June 21st, 8pm-11pm Add to calendar


The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, at The Barnes Foundation, on the corner of 20th Street.

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This installation has been supported by the People’s Emergency Center, the Barnes Foundation, WorldStage, the Mantua Civic Association, and Nine Hostage Arts

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